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Omnius is our current project, In Omnius the idea is that you play as a citizen of a sci-fi galaxy teaming with action! Galactic empires wage war and trade goods, procedurally generated aliens graze on procedurally generated plants, moisture farmers live humble lives treading water at market, and biologically enhanced engineers develop the newest technology! Play as any role in this open-world!

Ten Rings

In Ten Rings you play an adventure descending through the depths of a haunted church on a quest to return with the Ring of Nived! With nothing but a hand full of Rings!

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Middle Realms

Middle Realms was a project that was in development for about a year, It never became close to what it was planned to be but there is still a lot of fun to be had with it! Explore the generated world, go exploring in a cave, craft items and don't forget to bite your own eyes!

As our games are developed changes are imminent! 

some features mentioned may not be implemented yet!

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